For our Who Am I Class, we had to create our own philosophy. To do this we started with a guiding question, that we thought was worth answering. Mine was : How can we truly have self worth if we never know something for more than a moment, I chose this question because I thought it would be powerful to investigate. I didn’t know what my question should be until I did my external prep, which was an interview. I interviewed a former teacher of mine and her answers helped me form a good question. I was also inspired by Descartes who was a philosopher, he is most famous for ” I think- therefore I am.” The way I connected to him was by talking about how we can have self worth, and he often talks about self doubt. Our final project could be in three forms; an essay, a video, or power point  I chose to make a prezi which is below. The number one thing I struggled with was keeping my writing grounded, I have a tendency to be very metaphorical. One thing I am very proud of in this project is my drawings because I spent a lot of time on them. I really enjoy using original art for my projects because it makes my project more creative and unique.