For our third action project in A Nation’s Argument we created an proposal using abduction. The purpose of this lesson was to explain a problem in the school in which we believe should be changed. Our classmates then overlooked our proposals and gave us feedback to help improve our proposal even more. Using the feedback we created the most outstanding proposals. After the proposals were final we gathered at a Haitian restaurant and mimicked the work of the constitutional conventions. Each student stood before the class and present their proposal. In addition to students making the case for their individual abductions, as a class we voted either yes or no on the proposal. After all proposals were over looked by the class and then voted on, we created a constitution with all of our proposals in it. Overall it was an very professional way of handeling the proposals and creating a constitution.

Below is my constitution:

Result: Being a Student in high school is a very demanding job. We are constantly busy yet still try to maintain healthy lives. One problem is that students usually forget to eat breakfast in the mornings. Science has proved breakfast in the morning will help boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels. When you miss breakfast it disrupts blood sugar balance and insulin output, meaning your energy and physical activity levels are reduced. This amendment offers the chance to allow students to eat food during class breaks, and drinks coffee and or tea through out the day. By doing this students can fuel up on good foods and gain their energy back.

Rule: Students are allowed food and drinks during instruction time.

Thus the purpose: The students of the school should be allowed to eat snacks during class breaks and before school. Scientists have proven that while eating food your it will be broken down into glucose which then goes to the blood stream and brain. While this happen its allows the brain to be more active and alert. Students should also be allowed to drink coffee, tea or water in class at any point of the day. However If something were to destroy a computer all responsibility should be taken by the person who made the mess. If drinks were to become distracting in the group the teachers have every right to say no to a specific student.

Case: With the new rules of students being allowed to eat during breaks students can gain more energy and brain power to participate in class. When it comes to allowing the students to drink coffee and tea they can have it to sooth their throats or allow them to gain energy in the morning or even if they had to skip breakfast. However whatever messes were to be made or computers destroied the student will have to take full responsibility. Giving the students the chance to take accountability for their actions. If the drink does become a problem teachers are allowed to ask individual students not to bring drinks to class.