In the third part of the “Who am I” course, we had to read from Neruda’s The Book of Questions, watch a video of Rabbi Sacks discussing his beliefs on doubt, then answer some questions to see if we agreed with him or not in our own opinion. After that, we wrote 6 questions about doubt. We asked these questions to our interviewer and reflected on their answers. We had to write a 200-250 word reflection on the interview.

One thing I learned was how to come up with a good question for my action project on Doubt.  It is important to have a good question because a good question helps to orient my thinking, and it makes it easier to have a good conversation. I also wanted to show the other students how my question–What is Beauty?–relates to our world and how thinking about beauty is also a way of thinking about nature and the environment. I am most proud of putting together the powerpoint presentation and doing reading and research to think about beauty is to me.  I also had to show how the world is beautiful and how that beauty can help us better understand and take care of the environment and the world around us. In conclusion, we had to choose a  guiding question to see if it could create conversation with anyone. Following that, we had to make a Power Point on our guiding question.

Please view my presentation about my guiding question.

AH Interview Ellie’s Doubts and Reflection