In my English and history class we studied deduction by looking at Germany’s argument about Colonization in Africa. We set up a trial from the point of view of multiple parties involved including France, German East African, Germany, Belgium, UK, and a few others. My country was France. We had to do research about the history of our countries in the 1800’s as well as each others. We crafted arguments using deductive reasoning, Rule, Case, result. We had to make open arguments and counter arguments to other countries. Over all it was a rewarding experience and learned a lot about how to combine rhetoric with deduction. Below is my arguments and research.

ARG 2 Deduction on Trial
GCE Initials: DC, KB

1. Every material has the potential to achieve a greater form.
2. African nations; they have gold in their mines that they have not used, and rubber as well.
3. African nations are not living up to their potential as they should be.
4. “Every material has the potential to achieve a greater form. Stone has the potential, for example, to become a house, and a fetus, for example, has the potential to become a human.” (Potential and Actual by Aristotle)

1. General Rule (Some say…)

Rule: Colonization is always bad.
Case: Germany is a colonizer.
Result: Therefore, German colonization must be bad.

However, this deduction is invalid because German colonization is helping the African Nations live up to their full potential and improving the world as a whole.

2. Particular Case (The evidence suggests…)

All of the European powers as well as German has had effects on Africa that are undeniably improving and teaching them how to succeed.

3. Result (We argue…)

Therefore, in light of these results, we, the representatives of France and its people, urge the judges to AFFIRM THE DEDUCTION ON TRIAL AND UPHOLD GERMANY’S RIGHT TO COLONIZE, for Africa’s sake.

Rule: As the teleology of a thing is the thing’s perfection, the state is the perfection of human nature; it is what is intended for man.

Case: African Nations are still in villages and want to be uncivilized.

Result: Therefore, our colonial subjects disobey the direction of nature by living in tribal associations, and it is our duty to guide them towards the path of nature, i.e. to create civilization.

4. Quotations & Evidence for Trial (Sorted by…)

Apology of the French:
The idea of colonization is a form; there are certain concepts that transcend all forms of colonization, and manifest themselves in the substance of colonization, i.e. the physical instantiations thereof. *(https://www.oddee.com/bizarre-medical-stories/)

The Diplomacy of Partition: Britain, France and the Creation of Nigeria

The wealth brought in from African colonies is immense.

The people of France would argue that their empire brings civilization and Christianity to those nations without the both.

The Imperial French claim authority in that they are like the Romans, bringing civilization to the barbarian nations. The Republican French likewise take up this claim.

HIRSHFIELD,Claire (1979).The Diplomacy of Partition: Britain, France and the Creation of Nigeria, 1890-1898 (Studies in Contemporary History)

New French Imperialism, 1880-1910: The Third Republic and Colonial Expansion

Antoine mattei basic design to create a sphere of French influence which would permit free access to navigable portion of the Niger enabling French merchants to avoid British customs at Lagos. (Page 13)

/jaureguiberry/Jules ferry-inaugurated the new era in west Africa the expansion of French influence in both Africa and Asia shift from the continentalism of the early republic to the colonialist policy created a major force in the European balance

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