This unit in A Nation’s Argument, we studied both abduction and the Haitian Revolution, and let both concepts inform one another. Abduction is a way of solving an issue by looking at several different solution and seeing which is best fit to fix the problem at hand. This is appropriate to use as a template for understanding the Haitian revolution because there was much abduction being done when the Haitian government was being redrafted. At the end of this process, we decided to follow in Haiti’s footsteps. As a class, we went to a Haitian restaurant and drafted our own GCE student constitution. This process consisted of each student using abduction to solve a problem that they personally have with the GCE code of conduct– we then proceeded to have an open discussion about which of the students’ rules we’d like to be admitted into the student constitution, and which ones we’d like to see left by the wayside.

Below is my proposed amendment that was eventually voted to be added into the GCE Student Constitution.


“If you are late to school, no matter the circumstances, you must serve 30 minutes of community service…The way this rule was constituted was completely illegitimate. It is not in the Code of Conduct. This is a sign of a lack of organization and unity– and I am disappointed that a rule of this severity would be executed in such a cavalier manner. But the real underlying issue that I have with this rule is the failure of participatory government; It neglects the greater interests of our community and the well-being of our students.” (excerpt from GF’s amendment. Can be found in student constitution below: Article IV)

My amendment proposes a new system in which rules and or amendments are put into place that requires an open dialogue with the students about how they feel about the rule before it can be implemented.


I propose that every amendment that teachers want to make to the code of conduct should be discussed with the community upon which it is enforced. This can be done by utilizing the system that we already have, either through community circle, service, or study hall. All of these are perfect windows of opportunity where we can have these discussions.


The implementation of this rule would be a blessing to GCE, and would provide a lot more harmony in how things work. This open dialogue between students and teachers is essential to maintaining balance in our environment! Students will be accountable for themselves, while, at the same time, not stifled by a tyrannical rule such as the one we have in place.