This unit in A Nation’s Argument, we studied the WWI era, specifically Germany’s colonization of Africa.

Each of us were put into groups, and assigned countries to represent in this great global debate. LN and I were assigned German East Africa, the area particularly in question regarding this historical debate. Below I’ll be exploring the points and counterpoints this argument through the lens of German East Africa using the method of Deduction..

  • General Rule
  •  Particular Case
  • Result
  • Quotations & Evidence for Trial

1. General Rule (Some say…)

Rule: Africa is a country of barbarians.
Case: Europe is a clean and developed country that is not barbaric.
Result: Europe must teach Africa the way of being civilized.

However, this deduction is invalid because the regions of Africa they aimed to colonize (German East Africa) had very developed ancient cultures of their own, and they only began to have clashes in culture and widespread violence AFTER the Germans colonized their land and mashed together many extremely different groups of people.

2. Particular Case (The evidence suggests…)

Or German colonization has had the following devastating effects on German East Africa…

  • Widespread Violence
  •  Turf War
  • Disease
  • Dependence on foreign resources/Inability to be an autonomous, independent nation(s).

3. Result (We argue…)Therefore, in light of these results, we, the representatives of German East Africa and its people, urge the judges to OVERTURN THE DEDUCTION ON TRIAL AND STRIKE DOWN GERMANY’S RIGHT TO COLONIZE, for Africa’s sake.

Rule: German East Africa is far worse than it was before being colonized by Germany.
Case: German colonists/military use tactics like mass crop burnings and slaughter of innocent casualties to intimidate and coerce the people of German East Africa.
Result: Germany should not be able to colonize.


Please view my prezi for more details!