For the Who Am I course, my project was to think of an important memory and then write a detailed story about it. I chose a memory about the first time I drove a tractor. It is an important memory because it was a great experience. Part of the project was to conduct an interview with an elder and ask them a few questions about their memories. I called my grandmother, because it was her house at which my memory took place. Below is my story that I wrote, please enjoy.


The drive to my grandma’s house is a very long ride – a six hour ride. When I go there, I am stuck in a car like sardines in a can with three annoying people and one normal person, my sister. My grandmother lives in Michigan, which is the opposite of Chicago. There are lots of green, tall trees there. When we pull off the freeway, we go through three small towns until we come to an area with lots of lakes and houses around them. This is where my grandma lives. 

In michigan it’s pretty quiet so you can hear everything. You can hear boats on the lake, cars driving by, the wind blowing and the trees rustling in the breeze. At night time, sometimes you can see and hear fireworks over the lake.
One of my proudest moments is when I drove the tractor for the first time at my grandparents’ house in Michigan. I picked this moment because when I was little I couldn’t wait to drive a car or a tractor.  My grandma owns a small, green John Deere tractor. The first time I rode the tractor was three years ago. Now that I can drive it every time I go up there I drive the tractor.
When I drive the tractor I feel happy. I felt happy because I felt responsible and because my father trusted me to drive a tractor without driving it into the lake. I also liked being the first kid in my family to drive the tractor. I helped my grandma mow the lawn and gather up the leaves, and that made me feel helpful. It smells like newly fresh cut grass. Now that I am almost sixteen and I will be able to drive soon I can’t wait to drive my grandma’s car.
One thing that defines me as a person is that I like cars and driving.
I like cars and driving because I like being in things that move. I like things that move because I feel powerful.
I also like to drive the boat because I can go as fast as I want to if no other boats are around. This is one of my proudest moments.