I learned that the process of developing a guiding question is not easy. It takes a lot of thought and practice. I had to rework my question many times before I felt happy with it. There are many guidelines that make a question good and worth answering that I also had to follow and refer back to when writing my question. When I was looking through the guidelines I phrased them as questions in my head such as  does my question addresses the ‘heart of the discipline’ being studied? Is there  essential disciplinary knowledge? Is it open-ended, possible to contend, and arguable? Does it possess emotive force, intellectual bite, or edginess, and does it encourage people to engage in quality discussion? If I were to ask my question I would probably ask it to my friends and family first to see what kind of responses it gets and then ask to people I don’t know as well. It would be really interesting to figure out what other people are thinking because so far I only know my answer to my question. My question defines who I am because money has never been something that I base my life around and I hope it never will be.