For my 3rd Action Project in A Nation’s Argument, (humanities) we were asked to write an amendment about something we feel strongly about in school. When we were finished with our project, we went to a Haitian restaurant and debated our amendments. My amendment was fighting for the fair rights in community service work at school. This was a wealthy experience, full of arguments!


I believe there is a bias based on the tardiness rules and what certain students do. This can be solved by creating a system in which each student does a different job each day.

Result: Students will have work distributed evenly, and we can be equals.

Rule: When a student is tardy, they would be put on a chart. Whatever day they are tardy, it would line up with the assignments needed. Therefor, there is no bias based on what each student can and can’t do. Before, students would work on service based on how hard they were willing to work. Those willing to stay and do work, spent much more
time working than those who weren’t willing to.

Case: This could be displayed in a certain situation last week, when students assigned to work did not show up. In turn, a group of students who were not tardy, were forced to do the assignment. Creating a chart for tardy students can improve and eradicate unfair advantages in service.


2817055762_12028ef719by Jeremy Wilburn