GGIA (2010) Refugee Immigrants in Fylakio Detention Center, Thrace Evros Greece


For our third action project in the class, A Nations Argument, we created solutions to problems we have had at GCE using abduction. In abduction, a form of argument, you use the syllogism Result, Rule, Case to format your argument. While drafting my solution, finding a good, realistic solution was most challenging! I’ve always enjoyed having my voice heard, so working on a project like this was pretty amazing. My solution  using the art of abduction is below. Enjoy reading!



A detention system addresses the problem of tardiness of students at the beginning of school.


Instead of the unrealistic and drastic punishment of forced, manual labor for GCE students, I have devised a rule that follows the guidelines of most public schools. We should implement detentions to address tardies building up. Under my system, three (3) tardies will result in one (1) detention. Detention is served by staying after school to do work for the school. Students could receive 3 tardies in one day and be given a detention – it could go that quickly. Being late 3 times to any class(es) in a day or over time results in detention. There is no forgiveness.


With this new implemented rule, I not only believe students will be more obliged to come to school on time, I also feel the rule can help students in detention. During detention, students stay after school but are offered the choice of either manual labor (e.g. previous rule) or work on class work instead, as in public school detention. I believe that this will not only improve students grades but lessen tardies as well.


I believe that mandatory community service specifically, or consequences generally, for tardy students is unreasonable, and in my eyes, drastic. Being late 1 minute should not result in 30 minutes of manual labor. In addition, students should be able to improve their grades through detention.