For my last action project, I had to pick a political issue and find someone to debate  the issue with. The issue I picked was capital punishment. My question for the debate was: Should states abolish capital punishment ? I did this debate with my father. My thesis was, that capital punishment SHOULD be abolished. My opening statement was, because a lot of innocent people are executed capital punishment should be abolished. I later gave two other reasons why capital punishment should be abolished based on certain facts. My father’s antithesis was that states should NOT get rid of capital punishment. His opening statement was an eye for an eye. If you kill someone you should be killed. He later gave other reasons why states should keep the law. At the end of the debate we came to terms that we could agree on. Instead have having capital punishment a good resolution would be to give a person life in prison.

My image above represents three things. First my Dad’s antithesis saying we should keep capital punishment. Second my thesis that we should get rid of the law. And last an infinity symbol showing what we agreed on at the end of the debate. The infinity symbol represents life in prison. Below is a podcast of my debate:


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