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For my textile class, as a final product for this class we had to create a sculpture or an installation out of our fabric we screen printed. I chose to make 4 books out of my printed textile. My pattern on the fabric is telling a secret story to my aunt about life. The reason I chose books is because a book is where you would go and write secret feelings you cant say them. I learned a lot about patterns and how they can be represented in our life. I am very proud of the books and the book binding I did.

Books of Life
Medium:screen-printed cotton fabric, glue, kozo paper (used for making the book cloth), waxed linen thread ( we used to bind), cardboard
Size: 4 books each measured, 8”x 10.5”

For my final project, I created 4 different types of books. I decided to make 4 books, each representing a different theme in my life. My pattern on the fabric represented the different paths of life, adding the notebooks was like adding the main part of the story, because the a notebook is where we write words we can’t say out loud. That was my main story is writing a secret story to my aunt about my paths of life. My project is a sculptural installation because I am going to assign a theme to each notebook, then I will have three sections inside a book with a question. People are going to be able to answer the questions inside the notebooks. I think that this is a great way to get the audience opinions.

I researched different book designs on the internet to get different ideas for book binding. Each design had its own way of bookbinding. I started out with cutting down the papers inside the books, then I cut down the cardboard covers. After I have got the covers and the papers I started making book cloth out of my fabric. Then started to glue paper to the back of the fabric so I can make the book cloth, lastly I started bookbinding process which was interesting and cool.