For the Who Am I course we created dream catchers. Below, you will a slideshow including the pictures of my dream catcher and my reflection. In our reflection we had to include: two vocabulary words from our internal investigation and two different types of conditional sentences. It was challenging to pick words that I could creatively use in your reflection. One thing I am very proud of is my dream catcher, because I worked very hard on it and I think it is very aesthetically pleasing.


Speak Up

The main idea of my dream catcher is to speak up. I got this idea from a dream in which I couldn’t be heard. I was alone in the darkness being abandoned and ignored. If I could have the dream again, I would have made my mom (in my dream) listen to me. I wouldn’t stop until my voice was heard. I shared my dream with my dream partner; he said: “If this were my dream, I would be frightened too. It is scary to think about what would happen if our voices could not be heard.”

My message is to speak up, and I wrote it on an envelope to exploit the fact that is is a message. When we speak, we are sending messages about who we are to the world. I covered my dream catcher in newspapers, because in a way we are alike them.

On the positive side, newspapers are a place where people can publish their thoughts and opinions. However, newspapers can also be a distraction to us.
The ads in them are confusing, they fill our heads with needs and wants that may be unnecessary. Also, the stories in newspapers can just be the words of superego, propaganda set on us by society. For example, when we sleep with the tv on what happens? Sometimes the T.V is in your dreams, just like reading something in a newspaper. It’s subtle judgements that crowd our minds and feed the superego.

But, we can can fight back. Step up and speak out, one way I do this is by participating in Louder than A Bomb (LTAB) which is an teen poetry competition. In my dream catcher, I represented this by taking quotes from poems and writing them on pages of books that try to fill our heads with the words from odious people. We fight against the written word with the written word, just like fighting fire with fire. Except the whole world is already burning.

The biggest fear that my dream catcher represents is being shut down, the idea that  people will prevent us from fulfilling our dreams, and will reject our voices. One way I showed that in my dream catcher is by taking my LTAB poster up and the dream map that me and my dream partner made, and I tore it into pieces. I then scattered them over the bottom of my dream catcher to represent people crushing our voice .

For the webbing of my dream catcher I used people paper chains. On the strings of people I wrote the question: How come I can only soar when you tell me I can fly? I wrote this to help identify that people only want you to speak when you are speaking their truths. One way I counteracted this in my project was to take pages of books and write on them. This shows our power to fight back and think for ourselves.