In the last project for my Who Am I? course, we reflected on a dream from our pasts and created a dreamcatcher in order to symbolize our dreams. We read about Freud and other philosophers who analyzed dreams. We had to interview someone to interpret and give us feedback on our dreams. Finally we created a physical dream catcher that would give visual representation of the unconscious fears and wishes captured in the dream. I am very proud of my final dream catcher I did, which you can see below, also enjoy reading my reflection below:


photo (15)

(Yahya, Minnat. (2013). Dream catcher)


Through a small hole in the center all the  good dreams come to us, while the other  holes stop all the bad dreams from bothering us. You hang it in the window in a  place where the sun is able to shine through the center hole. It’s a type of art that  Native American people make. To build it you need a metal ring, brown string, beads, and lastly feathers. I got to make one on my own and each thing in it represents something different.  For example, each part in the dream catcher represents our happiness and fears in life. The hole in the middle represents great things in life. Great things in life are happy memories, such as a graduation, a wedding, laughter with friends, etc. The circle in the middle lets the bright side of life happen. The web of string that creates the center keeps sadness, death, and sickness away from our lives. This happens because the web is too complicated for these things to enter. The web therefore will help you get rid of resistances like these from your life. Getting rid of resistance in life means living and enjoying life without fears, in other words, seeing the bright side of the world. I once had a scary dream where I was drowning and people were looking at me but unable to help. I told my mom about this dream and she told me what the reality of my ego was. It was a warning from god telling me to be on the right track in life otherwise time was going to be up. I believe that if I have this dream catcher, I will no longer have this dream. The dream catcher will make the dream lose its way in the web of string. In my dream catcher I used the colors yellow, white and brown. I have a yellow circle in the center that symbolizes brightness coming through. My web is complicated-looking, brown strings that show fears and complications of life. Lastly, I have a white feather for peace and yellow feathers for happiness and the bright side of our world.