In my Who Am I class I had to create a dream catcher. We had to talk about the process  of my dream catcher and what each part represents.




My dream was about me being Jesus and blowing things up. Everything that I touched would blow up except for the things that I made. I was very rich and had a lot of things that I made. Then after I figured out that things I didn’t make blew up, I had to build myself a new house so that it wouldn’t blow up. Then I died and realized it was because I was too wealthy.

My dream partner said that my dream could be stress about growing up and about having too many things and not having control of my life. In general, my ego wants to do things but when I’m not close to home, my superego tells me not to, because I could get in trouble and I wouldn’t be safe.

If I had super powers, I would use them for myself to get things. If I were Jesus, we would all be in trouble.

The center of the dreamcatcher symbolizes the cycle of life and making your dream come true. In my dreamcatcher the center symbolizes my friends, family and the good dreams.

My hope in life is to be wealthy while doing something that I enjoy. I would enjoy working as a forensic investigator or a magician, but that might not make me rich. I would rather win or inherit money and not have to work for it.

My fear is being wealthy while doing something that I don’t enjoy or not being wealthy at all. I would hate to study philosophy.

I will put a dollar sign in my dreamcatcher to represent money. I will put a bomb in my dreamcatcher to represent things blowing up like in my dream, which is my fear.