08:24, 19 May 2006
Vic Brincat

This project is for my Fuel course. I did this because I am doing a project on Hydropower and pollution. Do dams pollute the water that the fish swim in? What I learned that dams kill fish and makes the water toxic as it falls from the dam. Please read my paper below.

There are three atoms in a water molecule and it helps to produce energy. You may find it in the air or in the water either or is fine.(Hydrogen) (Oxygen) 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O That’s the balanced equation for the water molecule. First I add up 2H2 plus O2 and I got the combined equation for the molecule.

Carbon footprint is energy that you use in your life and you pollute in sets of carbon dioxide. Hydropower or dams does not produce carbon dioxide and it reduces the carbon footprint. I calculated the carbon footprint for the household vehicle, energy, waste, and recycling. I used the EPA carbon calculator, and my total emission was 5,009 pounds of CO2 per year.

There are pros and con in hydropower. The first advantage is it creates lots of energy.For example, according to Bernard Forest de Bélidor, the power available from falling water can be calculated from the flow rate and density of water, the height of fall, and the local acceleration due to gravity. In SI units, the power is:
P is power in watts
η is the dimensionless efficiency of the turbine
ρ is the density of water in kilograms per cubic metre
Q is the flow in cubic metres per second
g is the acceleration due to gravity
h is the height difference between inlet and outlet
To illustrate, power is calculated for a turbine that is 85% efficient, with water at 62.25 pounds/cubic foot (998 kg/cubic metre) and a flow rate of 2800 cubic-feet/second (79.3 cubic-meters/second), gravity of 9.80 metres per second squared and with a net head of 480 ft (146.3 m).
In SI units: which gives 96.4 MW for one dam
( “History of Hydropower”. U.S. Department of Energy)

One disadvantage the is that it kills fish. For example according to treehugger.com, When the toxic gases from the water falls from the dam it kills over 100,000 fish in the Columbia River. Messenger, Stephen. (May, 2011.) section. After I found out the advantage and the disadvantage of using hydropower. My con was how many fish they kill will dams in my external section, and my pro was a dam gives 96.4 MW (megawatts).

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