For my Action 4 project in A Nation’s Argument, I studied dialectics as a method of argument first proposed by Hegel in 1816′s “The Science of Logic.” In dialectics, one side of an issue forms a thesis as resolution. The opposition develops an antithesis which negates or overturns the thesis. Out of this friction, or contradiction, a synthesis emerges, which ideally incorporates both thesis and antithesis into a new thesis, thus resolving the argument. I chose to talk about one of the number 1 topics in U.S at this moment. I was very excited to talk and learn about immigration problems and see if there should be solutions for illegal immigrants in the U.S. I decided to put myself in one of the side that is for illegal immigration. Read on to see and listen to the thesis, antithesis, synthesis below.


LN (2013) Thesis

The U.S government should allow all illegal immigrant to pass the border

Illegal immigrants also referred to as illegal alien, illegal immigrant, undocumented alien, undocumented immigrant, undocumented worker are said to have threatened the American societies, economy, national security, and other things that is American. Illegal immigration to the USA( mostly from Mexico), who crossed the borders are been blamed for issues that Americans have had for years. Being a immigration myself this seemed little unfair for the U.S government to rocks on illegal aliens. Recently, I applied for a job and got it, and since I brought in my legal documents for the first interview; i thought they didn’t need it for my job train. I left everything home and they told me to bring it next time. Imagined how that situation would’ve gone into a different direction in places like Texas. For me, the country has seen its rich culture and civilization being shaped out by talented, ambitious, and hard-working people from around the world. And when I thought about it, even American founders came in illegally, why shouldn’t others have an opportunities that we once have been given.

Antithesis & Synthesis

LN (2013) Antithesis

LN (2013) Synthesis

Listen to my voice-recording that explains my antithesis & synthesis: