The purpose of this project was to make an essay about our given pollution. I learned a lot about making a citation and I also learned what a carbon footprint is. I also learned how to find my carbon footprint. I am proud of all the work I did.

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This paper will discuss the chemical reactions of fertilizer, its pros/cons and its relation with carbon footprint. The chemical reaction of my pollution is nitrites (NO2-) +O to nitrates (NO3-). You can find my pollutant in the ground.I balanced this equation by adding one oxygen to the left side of the chemical equation.

Carbon footprint is the total CO2 emissions associated with a households energy consumption. I used 14759 lbs of carbon every year. I got that number by estimating how much lbs of CO2 used by household vehicles. I also calculated how much CO2 emissions I have caused due to waste and how much CO2 I use by recycling and I found out that household vehicles=7,964 lbs CO2/year,waste=4,110 lbs CO2/year,recycling=2,685 lbs CO2/year. Finally,  I added all of them and I got 14,759 and that is my total CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In a field experience to Depaul university on fullerton street, I asked what is good and bad about fertilizer, The information I got was really helpful I was told that fertilizer helps plants and trees and other greens grow and that was one advantage. The disadvantage of some fertilizer is that it can be harmful to the environment. For example, cow and pig fertilizer pollutes the air with high levels of carbon dioxide.


Depaul museum, 2013


My opinion on my source of energy is that it could be bad but it depends on how you use it, and what kind you use. If you use fertilizer to plant and help the environment then it is good, but if you just leave it laying around then it has no use and it is not helping the environment. It also depends on what kind you use if you use the store bought fertilizer that is meant for planting then it is usually good unless they put dangerous chemicals in it. You should not use pig or cow fertilizer because it is bad for the environment and it is also bad for the whole earth. it is bad for the environment because it emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In conclusion, I think my energy can be good and bad but it depends on how you use it and what kind you use.

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