photo (26)For our final project we were ask to conduct an argument on a political issue with an opposing view. Then we were asked to find a perfect medium for the argument. In american society cannabis has had a negative connotation. I enjoyed being able to get the chance to argue with someone. Usually when people think of an argument they think of two sides. I learned that people can meet at a good medium for most situations. Overall it was an interesting experience.

My Thesis: I believe that the United States should legalize cannabis as a medical remedy for agressive cancer. It allows the chance to give pacients a less painful recovery. Studies have proven that it does prevent nausea and lessens the pain chemotherapy causes.

Antithesis: There is no reason cannabis should be legal for any purposes at all. It is a gateway drug which can effect the patients and give them a new problem. It can as well become very addictive.  We have been taking care of the symptoms that cannabis cures for years. No need to risk the chance of  addiction.

Synthesis: We found a perfect medium by deciding that cannabis should be legalized in the United States for serious medical use only. Such as HIV/AIDS and agressive cancer.

Below you can see a presentation I created, within the presentation you can hear all 3 sides of the debate.


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