For our third and final action project for the class, Light and Sound, we had to create our own time telling device. We did this project to better understand how  time telling coordinates with light and sound. While doing research for this project, we learned multiple different math concepts that can be applied to the use of a sundial. I decided to use sound to measure the time of the day. So I used a metronome. Below is a picture of my rough sketch of the metronome and my paper. Enjoy!       My device is in a shape of a sleek looking triangle and has the sound of a simple repeating beat. It’s outside structure is very smooth. The units I’m using for the measurement is BPM or beats per minute. It employs the use of sound by measuring the exact repeating amount of beats in each minute.

I have three core math concepts for my time telling device. The three concepts I have for an overall accurate measurement of the time of day is first, measuring the amount of beats per minute, secondly adding up the repeating minutes and thirdly is subtraction . By adding up the minutes I can tell how many hours have passed therefore I can tell what time of day it is. For example if there are 10 beats in a minute 10 beats + 10 beats= 20 beats or 2 minutes. But if there is a mistake in the mathematical process I would have to subtract from the total number of beats per minute to get the correct time.

The difference between sundials and my metronome is that a sundial uses the sun as measurement when mine uses amount of beats per minute. It is not only easier to construct the sun dial but uses different math for the prediction of time. While the metronome uses addition to add up total amount of beats a sundial uses pythagorean theorem.

The culture I chose was Italy where the piano was created. The creator was Bartolomeo Cristofor. Since a crucial part of any pianists playing is staying on track with the tempo of the beat and a metronome is the tool that helps with that, it only seemed fitting to use this as my time telling device. That is what most predominately influenced my my device to be a metronome.

This is a meaningful way of telling time because it blends culture and simplicity into a fun way to tell time. Music has been a very strong influence in all cultures for thousands of years. So it only seems right to incorporate a tool used in music and apply it as a tool of time telling.

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