In my Who Am I? class, I had to create a dream catcher and write a artist statement about it. In the artist statement below, I talk about the process of creating my dream catcher and what each part represents. While creating this piece I learned so much about dream catchers and what they represent.   Please look below at my dream catcher and artist statement to learn more!

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(MML, My Dream Catcher. (2013)


Who Am I?

Dream Catcher

Materials – Pencil, Paper, Markers



The center of my dream catcher symbolizes the protection of my family and friends. The center also symbolizes my dreams and what I want to accomplish in my life and how I want to do it. The best part about the center of my dream catcher is that it is so light it takes out the darkness. I am most proud of the center of my dream Catcher because I believe that it represents me in so many ways like how I feel around my friends and family.


My dream catcher will also bring many great memories to me while I sleep. For example, I would love to dream about everyday things like basketball and good things that had happen that day. I would also like to dream about certain things that I am very passionate about like sports, basketball in particular. I try to symbolize all of these things by making the center of my dream catcher bright and open compared to the outside, which is black and catches all of the bad dreams. The outside of my dream catcher does many things other than catch bad dream; it also attracts negative energy away from the center of the dream catcher.


During a interview I had with my brother about a dream I had to focus on earlier in the unit, he showed me that using certain colors and details could really help define what I personally think what a dream catcher is. That is why I decided to draw my dream catcher instead of making a physical one. I felt like the colors that I used where very vibrant and really showed how I felt about dream catchers.


As I said earlier, I had an interview with my brother about a dream I had earlier in the term. He described the dream I had with many different words, but I felt like overall he used two words that I learned about in this unit, which is unconscious and resistance. I felt like he used conscious because part of my dream had to do with me thinking on my feet. He made me feel like that I had to put in some type of strategy in my dream to get out of it. I also felt like he used resistance because of the action that I took in my dream. In conclusion, if my dream had a title, it would be malice in the palace part 2. If I had a chance to go back in my dream, I would have been more protective of my friends and family.