In my fuel class, for a final project we looked at the pros and cons of our chosen energy. For my research paper I looked at solar panels. We did this so we can  learn about different pollutants and how they may benefit the environment. I learned a lot about solar panels. I’m very proud of my final science paper we had to write. Check out my science paper below:

This paper is about the thermochemical cycle of solar energy. The pollutant that comes from it is solar panels. A great thing about solar panels is that they save energy which means reduces the carbon footprint. Something that might be bad about this pollutant is that they are expensive to get, and they are harmful to the environment. We can find solar panels in different companies one of them is, Texas Solar Power Company. The way my solar panels and solar energy works is shown this equation, Solar energy + 6CO2 + 6H2O = C6H12O6 + 6O2. Therefore this equation means in the presence of sunlight we add 6 molecules of carbon dioxide (one atom of carbon and 2 atoms of oxygen) and 6 molecules of water (two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen) to get one molecule of glucose and 6 molecules of oxygen. (CLEAN ENERGY IDEAS. 2013).

Using the EPA calculator I calculated my Carbon Footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to the the consumption of fossil fuels used by people. The relationship is that solar panels are saving energy and it is just like carbon footprint. I looked at my daily lifestyle and as you put in info it calculates how much Co2 you use each year. I looked at vehicles, home energy, and recycling.

Each pollutant have its own pros and cons. One pro of solar panels is that Solar panels give off no pollution, the only pollution produced as a result of solar panels is the manufacturing of these devices in factories, transportation of the goods, and installation. Also, the use of solar energy to produce electricity allows the user to become less dependent on the world’s fossil fuel supplies. Solar panels also have cons and one of the cons it that Currently, prices of highly efficient solar cells can be above $1000, and some households may need more than one. This makes the initial installation of solar panels very costly. Another con is that the weather can affect the efficiency of solar cells. (ALSOUS, 2013).

In my conclusion, solar panels make good use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally. Also their prices are getting higher each day. In my opinion there is other ways to save energy and solar light other than the solar panels. We can make good used of it. After looking at my carbon footprint I started looking at each thing I use now in my everyday life. Thank you for reading my paper I hope you enjoyed it!


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