In the final action project for the Hurricane Season course, I had to figure out an unatural disasters that I strongly demand for a change. I figured that there are many places that are going through tough times on growing crops and lack of air. In my research I found out that all of these issues happened because those places lack topsoil, every one knows that to grow any on the ground you’ll need top soil. I decided that I should take an action on this unfair environment. I came up with an idea that restoring the topsoil through compost would allow things to grow again. I thought of many great benefits that compost would bring into people’s lives and the environment to, healthy and fresh air to breath, growing crops, and ending hunger everywhere. So in order to accomplish that people need to know how compost works. I decided that I should do a demo at GCE Chicago High School and later on propose for a compost station for the school. Through this project I learned that anything you do is better than nothing. See the process of my action below.



I saw a lot people liked my demo on how to compost and I thought i should go to the next step. The next step for is to create a compost station proposal for GCE High School. I was fueled by the idea that there will be a garden at the school and I thought if we buy compost not making one, what was the point of me doing a compost demo. I saw many people enjoyed my presentation with a little help from Wangari Maathai’s video, “Humming Bird.” I used that video to grab their attention and inspired them into making change. I was happy that I succeeded and GCE asked to create a proposal to install a compost station. The rewarding part for me while doing this project was researching what resistance meant. I found out that resistance can be a dangerous weapon in world of unfairness and in the other world it would be just disobedience. I couldn’t tell which part was difficult for me because the whole project was challenging. The challenges made me want to do better on the project though that might not make sense to you. To some people a challenge is a juice to power them. My next challenge will be trying to keep compost station at GCE. The reason why I want a compost station is because GCE is a happy home for me and many others, who are willing to work together to break a stone. I believe my inspiration and my love for compost will be through me as long as I am alive.