In my textile class I made a sculpture called a Creeper head. I did it because I had to make something relating to a story that we made. What I learned was that its hard to make a head in your own image. I created it by making blue prints and making a box so I can attach the fabric to it.


The great creeper head

12 1/2 by 12 1/2

My art  piece is a head that I made out of my fabric, and cardboard that I shaped up with a boxcutter. My piece’s story is related to my story Creepers head because. it’s the head of the creeper from my favorite game called Minecraft. I made the heads  in my own image. The audience can put the head on there head to wear around. In our textile class we investigated textile arts, we especially looked at textile sculptures, textile installation, and garments. We wrote stories on what we would decide our textile sculpture would look like. I made a blue print of my sculpture to determine what it would look like.