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Mantell, Gaby(2013).

In Resource, the first unit of the Fuel course, the assignment was to make a presentation about the resource that we chose to investigate for the unit. The purpose of the project was to show what we learned from the unit. I gained a lot of insight about water over the course of the unit. The molecule that I chose to investigate was water. Its molecular formula is H20, which is composed of two hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Water is found all around us. It is found in river, lakes, glaciers, icecaps, ice, and snow.

I am proud of the interview that I conducted with a civil engineer who works for the water department of Chicago. He turned out to be very knowledgeable about water. He said that in the future, there are probably going to be more wars in the future over water than oil. Water is such an important resource, because we all need water and we can’t survive without it. He emphasized the importance of conserving water. One of the ways that Chicago can conserve water is by installing water meters in people’s homes. Furthermore, we need to raise awareness about the importance of not letting the water run when it is not being used.

At all costs, we need to conserve water. If water is not used sustainably, it has the potential to be exhausted. It must be conserved, because once it is depleted, it cannot be replenished. As mankind, we need to learn to be better stewards of this precious resource. You can click below to view my presentation.