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G,K. (2013).
There are many different components that are required when writing a good and effective research paper.  I have learned that you need many different parts, including an introduction, body paragraphs, graphs and images, and a conclusion. You also need to explain everything logically and clearly, so that someone reading
the paper who may not necessarily be familiar with the subject will be able to understand what I am saying, and follow the paper.

I found the concept map very helpful. It was a great way to organize my thoughts for my paper. I found something that is related between my pros and cons, and divided all 16 pros and cons into four sections. These sections were great guidelines for my paragraphs, and they helped me find common ground between   similar pros and cons.

This unit has inspired me to try to lower my carbon footprint. I will work on lowering the miles that I drive every week, will try to carpool when I can, and will possibly get a car that gets more miles per gallon than my current car.  I can also  consider using more efficient energy source in order to heat and cool my house, and will continue a home’s energy source when looking at houses in the future . I also can recycle more, and use a water bottle rather than bottled water. Finally, I will unplug appliances when I am not using them, and turn off the lights when I am not in a room.

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