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M,G (2013).

In Energy, the second unit of the Fuel course, the assignment was to make a tutorial video for a client about the resource that we chose to investigate. The purpose of the action project was to show my understanding of variables that need to be taken into account when heating or cooling an environment. It was also designed to show my ability to perform calculations on energy usage and the cost of an energy source.

The energy source that I chose to investigate was coal. There are several ways that one can decrease energy usage and its cost. It is very important to have a home that is well insulated so one does not lose heat. By having a smaller house, less heat is required to heat one’s home. If the home receives sunlight, less heat is needed. This is because the sun’s rays penetrate through the home through windows, generating warmth.

Since I did not have access to my electricity bills, I chose to analyze a bill from the Internet. I was surprised by how expensive electricity costs. By saving on the amount of electricity that one uses, one is killing two birds with one stone. One is saving money on their bill. Furthermore, one is making a step towards being more eco-friendly.

You can click below to view my tutorial video.