STEM Pict 220


(GCE Field Experience at CBS TV Station in Chicago)

What is the purpose of a time-telling device and how does it reveal light/sound through culture?


For the light and sound course, the purpose of this Action Project is to build a prototype of a time-telling device and explain its principles & purpose in a paper.


At the end of this project you will have:

  • read a research paper;
  • deconstructed the research paper by using a research template/rubric;
  • sketched your time-telling device before building it;
  • gathered feedback on your device from peers;
  • built a prototype;
  • drafted your paper using the research template;
  • gathered feedback on your draft from teacher;
  • revise and rethink your final paper & prototype;
  • presented your paper & prototype to teacher &/or peers.
  • blogged your paper & prototype.

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