The purpose of this project was to discover all the steps in the process of a specific food getting to the consumer. I chose to learn about coffee. To complete this project, I needed to first research all the different steps in the process of how coffee is made. Once I found out all these steps, I more thoroughly researched each individual step, finding where they took place, along with how they impact the workers involved in that particular step, as well as how the environment was impacted. I learned a lot about the coffee making process. Something that stood out to me was how the process starts in one location, and then bounces back and forth around the globe. The coffee bean starts south, then goes north, then goes back south, then goes back north. This process seems quite lengthy, and was surprising to me. As for the global food system, I learned that many places have more than one crop that they cultivate and trade. I used to believe that when a country was trading food, that it had a monoculture. My research showed that I was wrong, and that is not always the case.