The second action project for the Food Course challenges students to assume the role of a chef and use their knowledge of chemistry to substitute a ingredient in a cupcake recipe. Students will learn how to balance new chemical reactions, how to convert different volume units and how to use the scientific method in a baking experiment.

We created a scenario for this Action Project:

Three cooking magazines partnered to create an ecumenic cupcake contest: they are calling for proposals for any of the 3 cupcake challenges below:

1. a vegan cupcake
2. a sugarless cupcake
3. a passover cupcake

Each student is challenged to choose one of the 3 scenarios and substitute at least 1 ingredient from a traditional cupcake recipe, creating absolute deliciousness. The magazines will only consider proposals that include: a complete recipe, conversions of amounts into a single volume unit, a complete lab report of the experiment and a photo or video of the final cupcake.

Please find below a video that the 3 magazines shared to inspire all participants. Let the best cupcake win!

Video Credits: Carte Noire Recette filmée #2 Cupcakes from ))) datafone on Vimeo.