Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks

I love riding my bike. And when I ride it to GCE I often pass Wrigley Field and this statue. Up until a few weeks ago I did that without to much interest. Baseball for me was just another American sport that somehow got popular while the rest of the world plays football (or soccer, but that’s a different discussion).

Since a few weeks it got a piece of my attention though, preparing and teaching the 162 course about Baseball. And my attitude changed. All of a sudden I’m reading about the game, am learning about the rules, the history and the myths and legends that come with that. It made me wonder ‘who is this guy?’

So I got off my bike and had a look. Ernie Banks ‘Mr. Cub’, a Hall of Famer and the first Black Player for the Chicago Cubs. Pretty impressive.

But what I liked the most though was his catchphrase showing on the pedestal. Here’s a professional Baseball player that had to play tons of games to make (a very decent amount) of money. But this phrase shows that Ernie Banks must have had a real love for the game, a simple sentence that makes me like Baseball a little more:

“It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame… Let’s play two!”.