Adam C. April 3rd 2013 at U.S Cellular Field.

Adam C. April 3rd 2013 at U.S Cellular Field.

Take me out to the Ball game! My increasing interest for Baseball made me want to experience a live game. Wednesday April 3rd that wish came true as I went to the Chicago White Sox game with the entire 162 class.

Somebody told me that April games are not the busiest, since it can be cold and rainy. But when we found our seats in the sun, this concern disappeared immediately.

While the students were keeping score I started to understand why a day at the ‘Ballpark’ can be relaxing. The game is so slow that you can miss a few minutes without having missed anything. Still there’s enough to see and enough time to discuss the things that are happening. The atmosphere is laid back and fans of both teams can sit next to each other without any problems (something that’s not even tried anymore at soccer games in The Netherlands).


Homerun at U.S. Cellular Field.

So a Baseball game can be relaxing, it’s also long. Our game was over three hours, and that’s even a short one. That was one of the reasons I loved the ‘Seventh Inning Stretch’ so much. When I looked it up on Wikipedia I found out that this tradition of singing and stretching goes way back, with different teams giving it their own twist. And while I’m getting more and more excited about the game of Baseball, I’m already looking forward to my next Seventh Inning Stretch.