In the first part of our course Food For Thought, we had to complete a series of 2 to 3 reading responses. We had to create a map of the early agrarian    societies and to see where common foods originated. We had to create a family tree, research a common family recipe and the origins of 1 of its main ingredients. The last part of the unit was completing a 500 to 550 word autobiography on our ingredient. One of its purposes behind this project was to find an ingredient that was specific connected to our family origin. I did this by interviewing my mother and researching ingredients which are typical in the foods we eat. Through this process leading up to the Action Project, I learned a lot about my mother’s cooking style, my family’s favorite foods and its history behind our family traditions. When I researched of the history of my ingredient – cinnamon. I learned a lot about how it is best grown, its origin, and how we get it to our house. I am proud of putting together the Power Point, learning about what my family favorite foods are and how it all came together like a story told.