For my Policy course,  we are studying how societies may make constructive change at 4 levels of governance –  local, regional, national, and global.  For our first unit we made  proposals to reshape a public, urban space for the better. For this action project,  I created proposal that helps teens, athletes and homeless. The best way for me to help them I had to think of something that no one has ever thought of as a problem to our community. For me creating water fountains that are easily accessible for the community was a mind-blowing idea. It was hard for to choose to who I should send this proposal.  I decided to send it to many people as I can think of so it could be spoken of. I created a 3-d sketch of a fountain to include into the proposal to show my sincerity. Below is my proposal.

3-d Design

Dear Mayor Rahm Emanuel,

I am LN from GCE Chicago High School and I am a junior this year, 2013. I am writing a proposal to you with care and sincerity. My proposal idea came from life experiences of mine. I am a big fan of soccer and I like to drink water a lot. When I run by over Lake Shore drive I get desperate for water and the water is always near by the parks. I noticed that water fountains are only available at the parks.

In Uptown there is a large population of homeless people who don’t have access to water. It is difficult for them to travel to the park fountains. I am not against what people may think of wasting water but now I believe that water is a wasted when it’s not being used. In Uptown, Chicago, this is a big problem even though people may not care. I care for the sake of health of athletes and homeless. Especially in summer, at least 100 people get sick because of lack of water, according to Deborah L. Shelton from Chicago tribune.

I sincerely propose that we should have more water fountains in Uptown Chicago and if possible everywhere in the city. This problem has never being brought up before that’s why I thought I should be the seed before the root. I want to help many teens, homeless and athletes who may have health problems. I believe that this problem should be resolved rapidly. If my proposal is taken seriously, it can make our community and homes more healthy. I trust that you’d think about it.


LN (Junior)

Global Citizenship Experience High School Chicago, IL