For my English class, (Policy) we are asked to create a proposal in a ward you spend a lot of time in. I chose ward 43, the ward in which GCE resides in! I chose to create a park in between Fremont and Kingsbury st. The park would create a better demographic for the area. I wrote a proposal based on old proposals, new ideas, and demographic statistics. I have learned a lot about the local area in the process, and have made my knowledge of zoning much greater! My work is below, so check it out!



Ward 43 Proposal Rough Draft 4/15/13

         This change will occur in an empty lot between Fremont and Kingsbury, which used to be a bedding store. The most important question to be answered is as to who it may affect. The change in scenery would most likely affect business owners in the area. Ward 43 is an area that lacks beautification, as for those who commute to and from the area everyday, may know. While ward 43 is renowned for it’s booming businesses, it has no parks, grassy areas, and even lacks trees. Although, in the past two years, the city of Chicago has done wonders for the beautification of ward 43. This includes allowing an Apple store to open on the corner of North and Clybourn St. in the fall of 2010.  Living in the 21st century, many of us know the beautification  that comes with an Apple store, which is the centerpiece of the area. This involves repaving the roads, and making bike lanes twice as big, both renovations the city has done in the past two years. I believe that the main focus of ward 43 is to surround businesses with renovations that increase revenue, which, in my opinion, is exactly what the park would do. This is a problem because of the contrast in ward 43. In saying “contrast”, I mean the distance between the local businesses, and the lay out of the area. There are 5 family oriented businesses within  North and Clybourn st. and Fremont and Blackhawk st. With all of the family oriented businesses, there is no place ofr families to reside in. Which is why this a problem, and, a park, could possibly resolve this problem.

          This could affect the local area, making it more green, and in turn, turning into a more friendly area. Last year, a proposal was made to turn the lot into a group of retail shops. Businesses such as “Anthropologie” and “Williams and Sonoma.” While these would bring in more revenue, the park would enlighten the area, bringing a peaceful reputation. While we are yet to know the response, I believe that the group of stores will only bring more of the same, and not widen the demographic. Most of the shops in ward 43 are family orientated, but lack the family demographic in the area. The park could change and affect this problem. My proposal is different from other proposals because it can switch the feel of the entire neighborhood.

          Overall, it can increase the demographic of who visits the neighborhood, help bring revenue to the up and coming businesses in the area, and overall, bring a more peaceful vibe to the area.

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