Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 10.20.09 AMBelow is my script and video for my first policy class action project. Our goal was to create a proposal to change something we didn’t like about our neighborhood. I decided to make mine about a vacant lot in the middle of two major streets. I also made a video to go along with it. I m so proud of the work I put into my video. I worked for over 9 hours editing and taping the video. I learned that “white board” videos are not always as easy as they seem. I will be able to streamline the process next time I attempt  this type of project.




“So right in the middle of two major streets in Evanston there’s this big piece of land. It was going to be made into a bunch of condos and retail space, but the developer ran out of money in the 2008 crash so the land is just kind of sitting there. There used to be a fence around it, but people wanted it to be taken down so they could used it for whatever they wanted. Now all people use it for is to get the the train faster.

The area that surrounds the lot is pretty nice, its busy and has some great retail and delicious restaurants, and most of them are small, Evanston owned businesses.

There is no central point for people in South Evanston to congregate, no Downtown area. I want to create an outdoor community area for people to have available to them in the summer time. The area doesn’t have to be very grand, just a little bit of outdoor seating for everyday, which could be paid for by the city, and it could be a shared outdoor eating space, with free wifi (also paid for by the city) that would give people a reason to get out and enjoy the summer. I would also want to have some community events take place there, like a weekly farmers market. There is a farmers market in central Evanston on Saturdays and one in West evanston on Wednesdays, so perhaps on Mondays South Evanston could have one. This could also help pay for the wifi and seating area. Another idea I had was to do a sort of movie night for the community, so people could come out and have a fun, family friendly night. We do this at my house for my neighbors, and it is always so fun  and a great way to build good relationships. Even small things like book drives or open mic nights can bring people out and showcase just how awesome Evanston is.

This block of land has so much potential to be great for the community. It shouldn’t go to waste just as an area of grass people use to get to the train quicker.