In Unit of our Math & Baseball course, 162 we learned a lot about segregation in sports. Before I took this class I thought that baseball was a sport invented to put people to sleep. However now that I am taking this class, I am beginning to realize what an important part baseball has in our history and still has as a type these words on the computer. This unit has really widened my perspective on sports in society because it gave me a chance to talk to baseball fans and understand why they like it. I learned  a lot of interesting facts during this course like how and where baseball originated.  The project is a below is a presentation about coaches believing in their teams and not discriminating against their players. Me and my partner thought it would be interesting to keep the project local by doing it about our school basketball team the GCE Falcons.  During my research I read Thank You Jackie Robinson by Barbra Cohen and I thought the book had a very interesting take on sports. I didn’t struggle with anything during this project except it took a lot of time to create. One thing I really enjoyed was putting together the aesthetics, I really enjoy that sort of thing.