By gnislew

Weisling, Michael. (April 2006) Explosion (Movie Park Germany) Internet:Flickr

This project is for my Soundtopia class. The purpose of this project was to tell a story using only sounds no narration. I learned a lot about timbre and how you can use timbre to evoke different emotions and different moods. I am proud of all the work I did and how I created my sounds. You can listen to my story and read my artist statement below.



The Nightmare Bombing


1 minute and 25 seconds

The purpose of this project was to tell a story using only timbre and no narration. To do this project I first learned what timbre is and how we will be using timbre throughout this project. I also had to learn how to use the timbre of the sounds to set a certain emotion or mood

My story was about a nightmare I had.  This is what happened in my nightmare: “I heard a loud ticking that woke me up. I screamed because when I woke up I noticed there was a huge nuclear bomb that crushed my legs. I tried to get up but I am trapped by the bomb. I yelled for my dad, but he could not hear me. I noticed a saw beside me so I cut my legs off and I dragged myself to my dad’s room. I told him that there is a bomb in my room and we have an hour to leave the city, so he gets dressed and wakes my mom and brothers up. We walked out the door, got in the car and drove away. As soon as we got out of the city, my dad looks in the rear view mirror and we saw and heard the nuclear explosion. Suddenly, I woke up with a pain in my leg and realized it is just a dream.”

The sounds are that I created were very gruesome and chilling and that fits my dystopic story perfectly. These were my sounds:

1. ticking of bomb (made by tapping on locker)

2.scream (made by SM screaming)

3.ruffling of sheets (made by crumpling paper)

4.yelling for dad (made by BKJ screaming)

5.sigh (made by BKJ)

6.object dragging across dresser (made by dragging a saw across a dresser)

7.sawing through bone (made by saw scraping against wood) sliding on wood floor (made by hand sliding on dresser)

9. suprised huh (made by SM)

10.clothes ruffling(made by SM by ruffling his shirt)

11.door opening and closing (made by bathroom door) door opens (made by locker) starts (made by BKJ and SM) fast (made by BKJ and SM)

15.loud boom (made by punching locker)

16.sigh of relief (made by BKJ)

I edited the sounds by using Audacity, an audio editor.  To edit the sound story I had to cut out some of the background noises and repeat some sounds to better tell the story.