In the first unit of Soundtopia, we investigated the feelings you associate with different timbres, examine how voices change the ambiance of a space, and use the sounds of your voice to evoke a moment. The purpose of this project was to learn about the different timbres and to see how they would sound and effect us. I am proud of putting the different noises into the memory and to see how the soundtrack memory would turn out to be and sound either utopic or dystopic.

Here is my Soundtrack. Hope You Enjoy it!

Here is my Artist Statement



Japanese story

1 min 22 sec

In the project we had to write 2 positive and 2 negative moments that we remember. We then had to write 4 sound tweets and choose which one would fit the soundtrack and sound good. In the process of creating the  soundtrack, we had to collect different sounds that would connect our story to the soundtrack. For this first Action Project, we choose a favorite moment, incorporated sounds that we remember and to then use the different sounds to recreate a soundtrack. I learned through this project  that by collecting different sounds, they can be directly connected to a story in my memory.

Here are the different sounds that were in my soundtrack:

1. Airplane Sounds (BKJ and SM)

2. Car horns (Noise)

3. Loud Cheering & Screaming (BKJ and SM)

4. Bodies hitting the floor (BKJ hitting the computer kart)

5. Wrestlers Grunting (BKJ noise)

6. Wooosh (BKJ mouth movement)

7. People talking (SM and BKJ)

8. train doors opening or closing (BKJ)

9. People & kids speaking in Japanese (BKJ and AH)

10. Sushi chef speaking Japanese (AH speaking Japanese)

11. Knife cutting/ chopping  (BKJ using to hit hand straight down)

12. Yumm (AH speaking)

13. People talking softly about art (SM and BKJ)


14. footsteps (BKJ and SM)