Our first action project in, policy, was to find a problem in our own wards or our school’s ward and propose a reasonable solution. For my proposal I chose to focus on our schools ward and specifically a vacant lot on Fremont and Weed. I think what I enjoyed the most was just thinking up a creative solution for a current problem here in the 43rd ward. What I enjoyed about this project was also the, hardest thing as well. Below is my written proposal of how I believe, the vacant lot should be addressed.


I would like to address the vacant lot on Fremont and Weed. It has been sitting there too long and I believe it is affecting the residents of this neighborhood. I think this is a problem for the residents of the 43rd ward because a vacant lot looks unappealing for others and it could cause property values to decrease.


The current response for the vacant lot is a 19 million dollar investment for multi-parcel shops on Fremont. Some big names such as retailers Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma have already inked their names to a lease. The current proposed idea that was first brought to the table about a year ago this April, has yet to undergo construction. We haven’t seen yet if this proposed idea of new shops on Fremont will be a success or not. In my personal opinion though, I feel the 43rd ward does not need anymore retail. With plenty of booming business’ all over the surrounding area I would advise a little more modest approach to upgrading this vacant lot.


My proposal for this vacant lot is to create a green area. I would implement a playground for children, with a community garden as well. With so much open space to work with I believe we could turn this space into a wonderful, natural area that people can hang out at. With a community garden the people of the 43rd ward can enjoy affordable, fresher, fruits, and veggies than that of Whole Foods. With the playground being so close to newly built condominiums, I think it’s safe to say there will be children looking for the new spot to hang out and play during the warm weather.

I don’t see why they would choose more retail space over a more natural and better looking renovation. I think we could all use less retail and more exercise and veggies, which this does! So with a community garden for affordable healthy foods, a place for children to run around and get the exercise they need and creating a better looking space than that of a retail shop, I believe that my proposal is perfect for this vacant lot.