For my first Action Project in Urban Planning, which is my integrated math and science course for this term, we created bridges that were designed to hopefully hold up to twenty pounds.  In this unit, we have been studying bridges and how they serve the cities and communities they are in.  Not only that, we learned all about the structure of bridges, what different types there are, and how to successfully make them.  This project was especially challenging because we had to go through a great deal of trial and error to finally get a bridge that successfully met all the requirements our teacher set but also was strong enough to hold as much as possible.  We began our building with popsicle sticks which we quickly learned would not hold together or any type of weight so we switched to bamboo and were really lucky to create a bridge that was able to hold over 20 pounds and I’m so proud of the outcome!  You can watch a video of my group testing our bridge below!

26.5 LB in Books on a Bamboo Bridge! from JH on Vimeo.