For the third trimester of my junior year I’ve decided to do an Independent Study.  I will be learning how to make apps for the iPhone.  This requires quite a bit of work, more so than I expected when I first thought of the idea.  In these Dev Journals (standing for Development Journal) I will be documenting my process and sharing what I have been working on!

Expect a lot of technical terms in my upcoming Dev Journals ! 

Right now I’m in the learning process, I’m using to learn all my videos, I have in total more than thirty hours of videos to watch before I start making apps!  You can see my playlist of what I’m giong to be learning here.

In the past two weeks I have done a few things.  I’ve found a mentor who will be guiding me through this process, and I’ve started on my lessons.  iPhone apps are written in a language called Objective C.  It’s a logic-based language and has a lot to offer, one of those features being the ability to develop iPhone apps.  My end goal for this class will (hopefully) be to have made an apps.

That’s it for my first Dev Journal, expect these to change as I find a new format that best fits what I’m doing.