For my Soundtopia class, (Art) we were assigned to create a song or track relating to a utopic or dystopic memory. I chose to make my song about our first two basketball games at GCE, which is a utopic memory for me. Recently in class we have been learning about timbres, which are the change in sounds. Although my story is utopic, it has dystopic parts to it. So changing the timbre with only action sounds was harder than I thought. Below is my track and artist statement.


     The purpose of this project was to create a memory through sounds, using timbre as the difference between utopic and dystopic sound. For my story, I used 13 tracks, all various while in a basketball game. The story I am portraying is that of two basketball games I played in this past winter. Various tracks I used were the sound of swishing, dribbling, and calling plays. The hardest part in creating this track was displaying the ups and downs of my story. Often times the emotion can only be told by words, displaying it by only sound can often be misjudged as a different story than you wished to tell. Although, with my story, it was easier to display with sound because a basketball game is filled with sound, but lacks talking. This made it easier for me and others to understand my story.

     For my recording, I used GarageBand. With the help of a few peers I used the sounds of the school hallway to portray a basketball game. I would tap the floor with my fist to portray shooting, peers to create a swish, etc.

     For my recording, I chose to edit it in the form of a song. While my sounds are aimed to tell a story, they also move in the rhythm of a song. I found this process most interesting when the timbre of the story changed. I found this difficult because you had to change the mood of each track, which often took a lot of time!