In our second unit of Food for Thought we had to do a mapping and reading about the global food system. We observed the food system in our community, and we did a Powerpoint on our specific food that we chose to do research on. The focus was on the global impact and human impact of a specific food that we really like to eat. I chose to do research on bananas and where they come from. It was very interesting learning about bananas, where they are grown, the different places they come from, and the health and safety issues that surround their production and distribution. One thing  I found very interesting about Bananas is that some of the  workers are paid as little as $1 a day. I am very proud of doing the research because  I wanted to learn about the banana, its origins, where it originally came from, and what the production process was like to making the fruit.

Here is my Presentation. Hope You Enjoy it!