For the second unit for the 162 course, we chose athletes who we think our the greatest athletes of all time. In order to make sure that bias choices are not made we had to show statistics that explains or prove why the athletes you picked are reasoning. I made graphs to compare the two to show who is the best and why he is. I chose doing this project with graphs to make a strong appeal. In class I am looking forward to argue with the statistics I have about the athletes I chose. Below is my graph and explanation.


Soccer is a sport that is most famous on the earth and played by man for years than I can remember. Today soccer is watched by billions when it comes to the world cups. This graphs here shows who I think is the best athletes of all time. Pele and Thierry Henry came to mind because the game they play is more than a sport. Pele won 3 World cups out of 4 which is a hard record for anyone to pull of. Mostly soccer players loses their touch when they are aging but his consistency for the record made him the Athlete of the Century by the world’s combined National Olympic Committees in 1999. As for Thierry Henry who was named “heir of France” by the Europeans and also known as the greatest striker of all time. The reason I considered him on the least of greatest players of all time was that he restored Arsenal’s confidence, won most of the games when it was slowly breaking off. This chart shows what it means to be the greatest athlete of all time.