For my second action project in my policy class, I had to make a info-graph. The info-graph had to be on a certain topic, that topic had to be in a local reign, and had to show a monopoly. The topic I chose was McDonald`s and how it is on top of the food chain. Below is my info-graph, my link to see the post on Facebook, my narrative, and my biography.

I chose to do research on McDonald and see if McDonald has a monopoly on the food chain. To begin my research, I looked and saw how much Subway, McDonald, Wendy’s, and Burger King spent on ads in 2011. I also researched how much money they made in 2011 and how many locations each food chain has. What I noticed and what was also a trend was that in the food chain McDonald and Subway are neck and neck. They are the top two in the business. Another trend is McDonald is consistent in two areas:ads and money. The next noticing I found was, McDonald spends much more money then any other food chain on ads;one reason why the are top of the food chain. And my last noticing(also a inconsistency in the data) is that even though McDonald is makes the most money, Subway has more locations than McDonald. My conclusion I made based on my research is, because McDonald made the most money in 2011 and spent the most money on ads in 2011 that is why they are on top of the food chain.

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