My InfographicIn my elective class, 162, we are using statistics to find out who the greatest athlete of all time are. I was given two really amazing athletes in two different sports. Muhammad Ali who is a boxer also said to be “the greatest boxer of all time”. The other athlete is Walter Payton who was runner back for the bears whose in the top five NFL pick for best football players ever. Since both of my athletes play different sports and have very different statistics I choose categories to access their skill. I choose three achievements, comparisons with the best of their time, and comparison within their own statistics over time. I use that data to create a few graphs showing the stats and another showing the overall information.  I am proud of the way I was able to access the players in a unbiased way and looking only at the statistics. I really like the way the graphs turns out. Below you can find the graphs and statistics along with a short summary of what they mean and how I used them. Above is the summary of the entire project. At the very bottom you will find a poll where you can tell me who you think is the better athlete. Is your answer based on the stats or is it bias? Comment with your answers and ideas. 🙂