In the second unit of Soundtopia, was that we had to recreate a song through pitch. I chose a utopic song and connected it to a memory. We also had to built instruments and those instruments were diddley-bow and kalimba.diddley-bow is a homemade guitar with one string. A Kalimba is a round instrument that has picks, pins, and a base that you can pluck. The process to completing this project was to draw the different pitches to the song, and to learn different adjectives that describe pitch. I learned how to build a Kalimba and a Diddly-bow and how I had to use both instruments to mimic the song and to see how it would turn out to be. I am proud of learning how to build a Kalimba and Diddy-bow and to see how they work into making my mimicked song.

Here is my Artist Statement:

I chose to recreate the song “Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits” through pitch. It is a utopic song because the singer, Mark Knopfler, has a high pitched voice. The song has a deep background noise, flat bass and a pointy ring to the guitar playing. This song also incorporates a lot of great, high, and upbeat sounds. It also has a low rhythm chord, changing beat while he is playing his guitar.