The purpose of this project was to recreate a song using pitch of homemade instruments. I learned a lot about pitch and how you can make your own instruments. I am proud of my song and how it is very artistic and original. You can listen to my song and listen to my artist statement below.


R.I.P Bear
May, 2013

The purpose of this project was to recreate a song that you related with a memory using pitch and using homemade instruments. In order to do this project we first had to think of a song that we can relate to a memory. Then we had to sketch out the pitch waves of the song. After we did that we had to create homemade instruments. Then last but not least we had to recreate the song using our instruments.

The song and the story are related because in the song Bruno Mars talks about losing something and wanting it back and that is how I feel about my dog. The piano in the song reminds me of laying on the vet’s floor with my dog hearing him breathe loudly. The tone and the lyrics of the chorus remind me of the moment I found out that my dog was going to be put to sleep. Also some lyrics in the song remind me of my dog. When I hear the line “same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now”, I remember all the times my dog would come up to my room and lay right next to me. The line “should have gave you all my hours when I had the chance” reminds me of the ride home after losing a family member and thinking to myself how much time I could have spent with him instead of my friends.

The steps I took to create the audio was to:
1) Learn what pitch was
2) Study pitch
3) Choose a song
4) Sketch out the pitch waves of the song
5) Make instruments
6) Play my instruments
7) Record my sounds
8) Transferred the to audacity
9) Put my sounds in order
10) Edit the sounds. To edit the audio, I used Audacity which is a free audio editing tool.