…sting like a Bee.

Yes. The winner of the 162 Greatest Athlete of All Time is:


Muhammad Ali!

For the 162 class student DC made a comparison between The Greatest and American Football superstar Walter Payton. Choosing different variables to compare these athletes (even though they did not compete in the same sports or the same era) was a challenge for all of the students. Check out the student portfolio’s to see how each of the athletes was analyzed and compared across time and disciplines. DC’s comparison ended up in favor of the man formerly known as Cassius Clay and in the bracket he made it all the way to the final 6. After that it was up to the public. By a slight margin Ali beat the 5 other finalist and can, once again, call himself ‘The World’s Greatest‘!


The other competitors in the final 6 were:

Nadia Comaneci (by GN), the Romanian Gymnast that as the first ever scored a perfect 10 in an Olympic Gymnast event.

Jesse Owens (by GL). Who, as an African American athlete in the Lions Den (Munich, home town of the Third Reich in 1936) won 4 Olympic gold medals.

Pele (by LN). The legendary Brazilian Soccerplayer and Goalgetter.

Great Home Run hitter and Civil Rights activist Hank Aaron and last and but certainly not least, Basketball player Allen Iverson (by HP).

Honorable mentions are there for Joakim Noah (ZP), Zinidine Zidane (MY), Dennis Rodman (MML), Michael Jordan (JH), Ronaldo (HD) and Willie Mays (JP). All these athletes made it to the second round, due to statistical research by their GCE student representatives!